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Союз психологов-консультантов и психотерапевтов

Union consultant-psychologist and psychotherapist

Научно-практические конференции благотворительные и просветительские программы


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17 и 18 декабря 2022 года


Regulation on Membership Fees


1. General regulations

1.1. This Provision has been drawn up in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, charter documents, decrees of the governing bodies of the Union of consulting psychologists and psychotherapists (hereinafter referred to as CPP Union) to determine paymeny of registration, membership and other fees.

1.2. As in accordance with item 4.4 of the Charter, CPP Union members shall pay membership fees on the regular basis following the order provided by the Charter and by this Provision. Prompt payment of membership fees in the established amount is therefore prerequisite to CPP Union membership.

1.3. Fees shall be paid by the Russian rubles.

1.4. Information on the actual payment of membership fees shall be availbale for all the members of CPP Union.

2. Types of membership fees

2.1. Registration fee shall be paid once after joining CPP Union.

2.2 Annual membership fee shall be paid by each full member of CPP Union on an annual basis.

3. Amount and order of membership fees payment

3.1. New member of the Union shall pay both registraion and annual fees within ten working days after applying for membership in the amount established by the Board of CPP Union. Failure to pay a registration fee within established term shall be deemed as immediate abandoning of CPP membership.

3.2. CPP Union members accepted in accordance with established procedures shall pay membership fees in the established amount. Members failing to pay established fees shall be excluded from CPP Union membership as in accordance with 4.6 of the Union Charter.

3.3. Membership fee shall be paid annually prior to December 31 of the current year as an offset against further accounting period.

3.4. CPP Management shall be entitled as provided to change the amount of mandatory annual fees. CPP Union shall notify its members about the changes in the amount of membership fees by placing information on its official website at least fifteen days prior to the enactment of the relevent changes.

4. Distribution of membership fees

4.1. Financial receipts from CPP Union members shall be used by the Union to realize major core operations of its statutory activities, development, to support its members, and for other purposes not contradicting the applicable legislation, including organizational and technical needs (production of plastic cards, certificates, documents, maintaining and development of electronic record keeping system and other activities not contradicting the applicable legislation).